NMM Wellness Days – What is Happening?

Upon our return to the office in the New Year we were a bit in the dark about how Discovery Vitality and Momentum Multiply were going to run their fitness assessments. We thought we knew the system but then the system changed. We were concerned about how this was going to affect our clients and the Wellness Days that we host at our office.


The biggest change to the Vitality fitness assessments is the use of a Wattbike instead of a step test.

Due to this change biokineticists are finding it difficult to run fitness assessments because of expense and mobility. This makes it difficult for us to run the fitness assessments at our offices. Your fitness assessments will now need to be done once a year at your nearest Discovery Store or Virgin Active Gym (with a biokineticist).

Please also remember to do your Vitality Age questionnaire on the Discovery website and your health assessment, which we are still able to do at our Wellness Days.


The good news is we are able to host Multiply fitness assessments at our offices. The fitness assessments are 20mins long and include a 3cm step test and flex exercises.

The fitness assessments need to be done twice a year, 6 months apart. For example, if you do your first fitness assessment in March, you won’t need to do another one until September.

Please remember to activate your HealthSaver on www.momentumhealth.co.za. This will help you earn more HealthReturns.

Your health assessments can also be done at our Wellness Days. This will include a blood test done by a nurse.

When your fitness assessments are due keep an eye out for an invite to our next Wellness Day. We hope to see you there!