Holah is short for House of Love and Hope, which perfectly describes the baby home. This home is filled with love and hope for babies that have either been abandoned, orphaned, given up for adoption or removed from their parents care.

Holah was opened in June 2012 by the amazing Kim and Leanne. Since many babies have been placed here until they find a home with their forever families. The house is allowed to take in 6 babies at any given time as this ensures that each baby is given the love and attention that they need by the incredible staff who work at Holah.

Holah is more than just a baby home, it is a community filled with love for any baby who finds their way into this home. These babies may come from sad background but when you walk into the doors at Holah you are greeted by smiling faces and open arms always looking for a cuddle. This is just another example of what a wonderful home Holah is.

Holah is always in need of help. They can never have enough nappies or baby formula. Something as simple as fruit and juice is always in demand. If you would like to donate to Holah, please contact Jodie-Lee Donnison at jodie@likhonithemba.co.za. Any financial donations are also welcome. Details can be found on the Holah website. http://likhonithemba.co.za/